Dear customers!

You can send your order directly from our website. Please, fill in the order. For additional information, please use the special box for your comments, such as the planned delivery date and time and etc.

Delivery cost in the order form is approximate and we will added it to the cost of goods. Correct price you will find in an invoice, which you get by e-mail.

Please send your order two working days before performance of the order.

If your one pre-payment order will be more than 100 tons, in this case 5% discount will applied both to the goods and to the delivery. Payment Terms: 100% prepayment.

Discounts are not cumulative. Your data are the base for the invoicing. An invoice will be send to you by e-mail, so please make sure filling in data, that at least phone and an e-mail address is entered correctly.

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It’s important! When you order our delivery, please inform us, if there are any prohibitory traffic signs in your way. In this case, you must apply the License for temporary movement permit. Please contact us via email: info@killustik.ee for additional information.